Scale Model Photo Shooting



Enhancing your model car collection

Collecting and building model cars is a great hobby. You enjoy searching for models to expand your collection, you enjoy building your models and you enjoy watching them, in most cases, inside of a model car vitrine.

As time passes by models lose their shiny look, pieces get broken and sometimes the models are forgotten on a dusty shelf. Sometimes people give up their hobby, the collection is sold and all is left are the pictures and memories.

An outdoor photo shooting with great dioramas and natural landscapes can help you preserve those memories.

Everything vintage

We focus on vintage scenes, vintage buildings and vintage cars. But we also use vintage photography techniques, such as forced perspective, in order to fusion real size landscapes with scale models and dioramas. Those techniques were developed in the early years of photography and cinema were scale models were the most affordable way to create science fiction scenes such as the famous 1933 King Kong movie, where the colossal gorilla climbs to the top of the Empire State Building while fighting airplanes.

Not all photo shooting sessions must be outdoor. Also indoor photo shooting sessions are very practical, specially when recreating night scenes.

Making an appointment for your photo shooting

There are several steps in this process. In order to have the best result it’s very important to define the project together. Here a few things for you to consider:

  • Landscape: mountains, desert, beach, lake
  • Season: spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Weather: snow, sunshine
  • Time: day, night, sunset, sunrise
  • Scenery: decade, type of cars, type of buildings (model and background)
  • Model: scale, details, figurines
  • Lodging availability in the desired area

We are located in The Netherlands but we offer this service worldwide. Weather conditions are critical for outdoor photo shooting sessions. We can be very flexible within Europe, specially when the location can be easily reached by car (maximum 1000 km from The Netherlands). For destinations to be reached by airplane we recommend to choose for times of the year with the less possible chance of rain. Our dioramas are not water proof!

Fill the contact form below to contact us and we’ll contact you soon to discuss further details if needed or provide you with an estimate.