Underhaulin' - How to make junk model cars [ebook]
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Underhaulin’ – How to make junk model cars [ebook]

A step-by-step guide including 67 pictures & 58 pages.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to make rust holes and dents
  • How to make used and flat tires
  • How to make upholstery look old
  • How to make damaged seats
  • How to make broken windows
  • How to make custom model parts
  • How to make dirt and weathering effects on car paint

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Product Description

Underhaulin’ – How to make junk model cars [BOOK]

Learn how to make junk model cars using many weathering techniques and real rust. Learn how to make damaged upholstery and broken windows.

A step-by-step guide including 67 pictures & 58 pages.

The Underhaulin’ book is a great basis to start building junk model cars and developing your model building skills

At the beginning we used to build scale model car kits following the instructions and adding lots of details we had seen in pictures of real cars from books, magazines collection or model car contests. We built amazing showroom models. We even built showcases out of real car parts we collected at grandpa’s junkyard to store and display the models.

But then, one day, we thought: Why not create the junkyard of our dreams ourselves? We started with one single model junk car, and we freaked out! We realized we could have our own junkyard, just as we always wanted!

Meanwhile, our hobby became our deepest passion: Making model car dioramas and junkyard dioramas.

By building many junk model cars, continuous trial and error and lots and lots of fun, we perfected our skills. Over the years, we have found solutions to common and uncommon problems. We learned many different techniques and we have developed our own creative ideas on how to make a model car diorama, make junk model cars, how to make crashed cars, how to make burned cars, how to make a wrecked car, etc…

With this book, you will learn how to make the coolest junk model cars and junkyard diorama yourself!

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